GRIT by Angela Duckworth

If there was one thing that is focussed in my life, it’s, me being a scatter brain. One of my biggest problems is to stick to something until completion. Whether it is finishing a project or setting up a deadline, I could not just do it. I had to do something about this and fortunately I stumbled upon this book by Angela Duckworth called GRIT.

I could not keep my eyes off a minute I opened this book (actually a kindle book). This is a book for all age-groups and to all professions.

Key Insights from the book

  1. Success stories of people having grit and what they achieved: There are plenty of stories on how these guys had grit and pursued in life.
  2. Learning the Hard Rule Principle for my family:a. Everyone in the family has to do something that’s hard
    b. You have to finish what you start
    c. No one gets to pick the hard rule for anyone else

    I loved these three principles and began to follow them. one of my hard rule principle is to memorise scriptures from the Bible. Right now, I have started from the letter to the Ephesians and wanting to complete by this month end. Yup… the entire Book. I am not sure if I can do this, but God will be my guide.

  3. The most important aspect that I have learnt is to never give up on something that you have started. Just this morning (13/Jan/17), my son wanted to quit learning drums in school as the master scolded him for doing something wrong. My first reaction was to ensure that he is happy and pull him out of the training. But thanks to reading this book, I told him to stick on and practice the toughest part and let me know how it is going. I felt a relief as I know that this will help him do better than pull him out of it.
  4. Finally, a thorough research is being done on people having grit and otherwise and hence the results are very reliable.

I highly recommend this book to everyone and the need to see to get this fulfilled living in our wonderful 21st century of distractions.

Check this url from Angela Duckworth talking in TED Talks